Mentorship Program

As a new mentee of the Owls, you're going to learn the EXACT techniques that Kian and Elkan use for swing trades, scalping, and all things SPX/SPY. Their EXACT formula to be 6 figure profitable traders every year.

Annual Plans
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    The teaching will consist of the following:
    • Live trading in the AM (2-3 hours)
    • Training from Monday-Friday in the evening
    • Q&A panel during and at the end of every session
    • Recording of all sessions
    Training includes:
    • Understanding charts in different time frames(1 Min, 5 Min, 4 Hour, Daily)
    • Identifying key levels
    • Learning moving averages
    • Drawing pivot points and Fibonaccis
    • Creating advanced buy/sell orders
    • Understanding credit/debit spreads, Iron Condor, Butterfly, etc.
    • Using proper risk management and trading psychology
    • Reading Options Flow and Bookmap
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You'll get to learn about in the PM and see it LIVE in action in the AM.

The class is FULLY immersive and only limited to 10 seats so we can cater to everyone's specific needs, answer questions, and walk you through every single step.

If you’re not serious about your account - this is not for you.

Class Sessions

The classes will take place over a full week: Monday through Friday. Everything will be recorded so you can watch it back, study and continue taking notes.

Limited Seats

We’re only offering 10 seats per month. Our priority is hyper focused on value and teaching - not making money. It’ll be an intimate group to learn together and to learn FROM each other.