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Setting the new standard for building financial freedom with analysis driven options and common stock trading. Join our Discord community and take advantage of investing community, regardless of account size and experience.


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We’re not a YOLO, #tothemoon type of group to burn your account with wishful thinking and degen plays.

  • Live Alerts & Technical Analysis

    Real time option alerts from three analysts. We never alert positions we do not personal take.

  • Daily Watchlists & Key Levels

    Market watchlists with key resistance and support levels, selected by our members daily.

  • Long Term Investment Portfolio

    Common stock alerts for building a diversified, compound growth portfolio.

  • Training & Course Materials

    Free access to all of our training courses and materials from beginner to expert experience.

It's like printing cash, but better.

Day Trading

Call and put options, intraday scalping, swings trades, credit/debit spreads, and common stock purchases.

Daily Technical Alerts

Daily alerts on what contracts or common stock we’re engaging in. Includes ticker, expiration date, contract price, and when we trim/sell.

Key Levels & Daily Watchlist

Key resistance and support levels are posted every day from hot tickers are members hand select. Levels and video are posted daily.

Options Flows & A.I. Indicators

State-of-the-art A.I. indicators that identify unusual option activities, dark pool orders, trade ideas, bullish/bearish movements, and more.

Trading Courses & Training Materials

Training modules for all levels of expertise, included as a free value ad for all active members.

Live Chat & Pre/Post Market Analysis

Live chat with our analysts and community members for instant call outs, levels, market analysis, and more.

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"I was skeptical to join, but i'm so glad I did. I went from living paycheck-to-paycheck and blowing two accounts to making 3-5K a month just trading an hour in the morning."

Nolan K.

"I had no experience coming in and a $1,500 account. I listed to all the owls plays, watched all their free training material, and just soaked up game. Now my win ratio is 80% and I profit $300 a day."

Mohammed A.

"You guys changed my life. You helped me pay down some credit cards and helped me with my down payment on my Tesla."

Arley C.

"Since starting in January with only $2,500. I'm proud to say my acct is now a little over $58,000. I've learned so much over this year so far and keep continuing to grow."

Brett H.

"I didn't even know how to buy a contract when I started your free trial. 7 months later, i've profited $75,000 just on your alerts."

Samuel K.

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Watch the Owls analysts in action. Understand their market sentiment, plays and set ups, and enjoy a nice laugh in between.

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