Owls Options Traders | FAQs

Main Questions:

What is your win rate?


How much should I start with?

As little as $500

Which broker should I use?

We recommend TD Ameritrade

How much time do I need to dedicate to be successful in this group?

It depends on the type of person that you are and the time you are willing to put, if you have no knowledge 6 months is a reasonable period

What are your average returns?

about 30% per trade

Analysts & Team Members:

How many Analysts do you have?


Whose alerts should I follow?

The alerts you choose to follow are depedent on your trading style and account size. It's entirely up to you.

Is Eva a real person?

Yes, she works for us and other Discords.

Setting Up/How To Start:

What is the difference between a cash account and a margin account

Cash account: no PDT restriction can only trade with settle cash. Margin Account: PDT restriction for accounts under $25k, can trade with unsettled cash, can borrow money from broker, allows advanced options strategies (credit/debit spreads, butterfly, iron condor, etc.)

How do I set a stop loss?

We suggest using Stop Limit Orders, there are tutorials in our Discord channel

Do you buy market or limit?

It depends on how wide/tight the contract's spreads are

Do you sell market or limit?

It depends on how wide/tight the contract's spreads are

What is the difference between scalping and day trading?

Scalps could happen within minutes, daytrades usually take a few hours

PDT restriction, how do I get rid of it?

Cash account

Best TOS desktop set up?

At least 2 monitors if you are planning on learning and doing this full time

How much capital do your most successful members start with?


Trading & Alerts:

Do you alert your buy and sell?


Where is the alert channel?

All official alerts are under the "TRADING ALERTS" section

How do we read your alerts?

What is your stop loss? It depends on the position and how much we are willing to risk

What do we do if the premium of the alert is already up by an X percentage?

Take profits if you hit your target or keep it open if you are willing to take that risk

What are the most common moving averages that you guys use?

8,21,50,200 ema

What is the option flow bot?

An automated bot that scans big orders of options contracts being purchases

What do you think about "X" for earnings?

All earnings are high risk especially with options 50% chances

Affiliate Program:

Any referral incentives?

40% of the membership purchased by the referral

Refund Policy/Subscriptions:

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

No refunds, cancellation policy is in our disclaimer channel

How do I downgrade?

simply type "Downgrade" in the upgrade channel the click "manage my upgrades"

Customer Support:

How can I contact customer support?

Direct Message on Discord, or email support at: support@owlsoptionstraders.com